Somatic Business Coach

As a somatic business coach, I work with people's physical structure, mental and cognitive models, emotional states, energetic aspects, and expression of spirit. My vision is for people to live and work joyfully, free to communicate openly, empowered to learn and grow and be the best they can be.

If you are working with me, together we reveal limitations or places where you may be contracted, not taking the actions you want to be taking. I will help you see what's needed and design practices for you to expand your range of what's possible. With continuous practice, new actions will become natural, conversations that you didn't know how to have will be easier, and your desired future will emerge. I provide what you need to achieve profound joy, accomplishment and fulfillment

Read some examples of typical sessions to see what I've done to help clients in different situations.

Come in and explore my work. Please contact me if you'd like more clarification about somatic coaching, or for an initial complimentary consultation to see if somatic coaching can benefit you.